Becoming Bildung

Formed in December of 2018 by Dr. Ethar Al-Saraf, The Bildung Tutors has been delivering specialist, methodologically grounded tutoring and mentorship across East Sussex and London, in-person and online to clients of all ages. Based on academically grounded methods, TBT combines the rigours of Higher Education with the responsibilities of social awareness to ignite students’ capacity for independent critical thought.

Bildung refers to the tradition of self-cultivation where Philosophy and Education are linked in a process of personal and cultural maturation. Described as a harmonisation of mind and heart, the process is achieved through a personal transformation which challenges accepted beliefs.” 

After twelve years of study, culminating in a PhD in Philosophy and ten years of mentoring experience, TBT was launched to provide tuition and mentoring in accordance with an academically researched and thoroughly field-tested methodology. TBT has since serviced contracts with students, private individuals, schools, social care providers and local authorities. TBT maintains an almost flawless track record with respect to improving clients’ grades and passing examinations but has developed a reputation for improving our clients’ experience and attitude in achieving their goals and ambitions.

Ethar transmits (and works with the student’s own) curiosity and enthusiasms and moves them on in study skills and knowledge through positive teaching methods. Our son looks forward to sessions and is taking Ethar as an inspiring model.” 

Dr. Al-Saraf has personally worked with over 100 clients prior to and since the launch of TBT, in East Sussex and London. That work extends across all three of the services offered by TBT: 

  • Personalised, one-to-one tuition, in person and online for students from GCSE all the way through to PhD
  • Supplementary support for schools, providing academic as well as mentoring and behavioural support for students
  • Specialist mentoring working alongside local councils offering intellectual, behavioural and pastoral guidance for young people in care 

In addition to the existing team, TBT is now also developing relationships with other social care and youth engagement programs with a view to establishing joint projects. These projects with people and groups in the community have been the inspiration for our #BildungTogether project and the launch of two new divisions: TBT Creators and TBT Sounds

TBT Creators was established on the understanding that excellence comes in many forms. So as part of our project to Bild (yes) Together, TBT is committed to promoting, supporting and engaging with aspiring AcademicEntrepreneurial and Artistic Creators who share our vision and values. From students with essays or projects that deserve some shine, to small and local businesses with a concern for the community, to up and coming, independent artists expressing their excellence in music, TBT is where we gather to celebrate the Creators in our communities.

TBT Sounds, a subdivision of our Creators platform, was initially launched in recognition of research showing that the right music has can  improve focus, concentration, reflection and encourage study. So we began producing our very own #StudySounds Mix every Sunday, bringing you the finest study vibes from around the world. Since then, TBT Sounds has grown to become a platform for all the up and coming, independent artists who share our commitment to grass-roots, community development. Our Mixes regularly feature our favourite artists on SoundCloudMixcloudSpotify and YouTube where you’ll find the latest vibes, masterfully Mixed by our own, DJ reluctant, bringing you new, exclusive, fire StudySounds vibes, even if you’re not studying… 

Fantastic approach – thorough, intuitive, very diligent and intelligent. Thanks. I am very glad to have found him and to have his help.” 

TBT will continue to expand and improve upon our services, helping young people, students and the aspiring realise their potential, achieve their ambitions and become successful, sovereign individuals. In light of a growing reputation, burgeoning partnerships with local non-profit/social care groups and developing relationships with local authorities, TBT is well positioned to establish itself as the mentoring service for young people in need of support.

An excellent tutor – knowledgeable and inspiring. The tutees thought he was absolutely great.” 

Our Mission

At TBT we believe that learning and growth cannot be truly achieved at the command of an authority figure. In this respect, we take pedagogical influence from Wilhelm von Humboldt’s claim that,

“Whatever does not spring from a man’s free choice, or is only the result of instruction and guidance, does not enter into his very being, but remains alien to his true nature; he does not perform it with truly human energies, but merely with mechanical exactness…”

Moreover, we believe that the limitations of institutional education render it insufficient to meet the demands of a growing population and the increasingly complex conditions of both students and teachers. If it takes a village to raise a child, the problem is that our villages have been largely sub-contracted to independent parties with little or no interest in the whole. 

Our primary mission therefore is to re-establish the bonds of community and neighbourhood by providing supplementary education that meets the requirements of true learning. Our #BildungTogether project and TBT Creators are there to reinforce and amplify that mission. We believe that our communities are happier, more effective and successful when we work together. 

So our secondary mission is to promote and encourage grass-roots collaboration between academics, local and community based start-ups, established businesses and artists of every description who share our vision and values. With a growing but core group, TBT will provide a network of individuals and groups committed to improving our conditions by turning our attention, efforts and investments back to our own communities. 

The dream…?: to rebuild our schools, businesses and creative industries as forums from the community and for the community.