Just a small selection of the work produced by some of our own students & others who have produced work that deserves to be celebrated!

We are committed to encouraging, supporting & celebrating the academic excellence of our own students & others as part of our #BildungTogether project but also as The Bildung Tutors’ fundamental mission.  

Proof that even a little bit of the right method goes a long way…

Paul gyaltshen

Thanks to the help from Ethar, I had just passed Philosophy and Psychology at A-Level with a B which were great results given my circumstances. To prepare for further study at university I was then tasked with an attempt at a University level essay on Nagel and Phenomenology at around 3000 words. Being my first essay of this kind, I received some help yet accomplished a model essay at a university standard.

Thomas Nagel Essay – Paul Gyaltshen

Zak Boutwood & Billy Chalmers

Zak and I worked with Ethar and TBT through our GCSE’s. We were allowed to research and write a project that we chose but that developed all the skills we’d need for our exams. We both passed with flying colours and had a great time along the way!

Nicaragua Essay – Zak Boutwood, Billy Chalmers

Are you an Academic with some work you want to celebrate?

Send an email titled ‘TBT Academic’ to ethar@thebildungtutors.com with details. Tell us about your academic journey, what your work is all about & get featured on the site as well as a shout-out on all our socials!