Schedules can vary from week to week and dependent on whether the request is for in-person or online tutoring. Hit the ‘contact your tutor’ button, make an enquiry and we will get back to you within 48hrs.

Of course you can reschedule as and when necessary but you will be charged 50% of the fee if you cancel on the day of the lesson.

Students are advised to continue with their studies if possible but can always cancel a contract whenever they deem it necessary. Schedules and contracts are ultimately determined by the students, for the students.

We are equally committed to both our in-person and online students therefore our fees are the same in either case.

Lessons will always be held at the students’ convenience so they can be conducted in an appropriate, agreed upon location such as a library or café. Otherwise transport costs will be included in the tuition fee where travel is over three miles.

Students are advised to have a textbook/notepad dedicated to our lessons but all reading materials will be provided by the tutor either in hard-copy or online.

Timetables for completing work will be set by the tutor but in coordination with their student. Students are encouraged to talk to their tutor if work is late or incomplete so that they can either set a new deadline or address the work in the next lesson.

The duration of the contract and the intensity of the lessons is ultimately up to the student. We have guided many students through their exams and are committed to improving understanding and grades no matter the length of the contract.