Schedules can vary from week to week and dependent on whether the request is for in-person or online tutoring. Hit the ‘contact your tutor’ button, make an enquiry and we will get back to you within 48hrs.

Of course you can reschedule as and when necessary but you will be charged 50% of the fee if you cancel on the day of the lesson.

Students are advised to continue with their studies if possible but can always cancel a contract whenever they deem it necessary. Schedules and contracts are ultimately determined by the students, for the students.

We are equally committed to both our in-person and online students therefore our fees are the same in either case.

Lessons will always be held at the students’ convenience so they can be conducted in an appropriate, agreed upon location such as a library or café. Otherwise transport costs will be included in the tuition fee where travel is over three miles.

Students are advised to have a textbook/notepad dedicated to our lessons but all reading materials will be provided by the tutor either in hard-copy or online.

Timetables for completing work will be set by the tutor but in coordination with their student. Students are encouraged to talk to their tutor if work is late or incomplete so that they can either set a new deadline or address the work in the next lesson.

The duration of the contract and the intensity of the lessons is ultimately up to the student. We have guided many students through their exams and are committed to improving understanding and grades no matter the length of the contract.  


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 17 reviews
 by Mr Palmer on The Bildung Tutors
English GCSE

I got put onto Ethar by my best mate as he’d worked wonders with his son, and lived up to it!! My Daughter was really struggling with all aspects of her English GCSE , as couldn’t grasp the way she was being taught by her teacher at school but once she got going with Ethar from the first session her confidence shone. Her worries disappeared and from then on she started getting it and enjoyed the subject…this resulted in a B/C which got her into the college course she had her heart set on. Thanks again.

 by Eleanor on The Bildung Tutors

I found Ethar online a few months before my A Levels after seriously struggling with keeping up with my subjects due to factors like lockdown and poor motivation. I can honestly say that Ethar was the biggest help I could’ve asked for; unlike most tutors he actually took the time to get to know me and incorporated my wants and needs into our sessions. His way of approaching my subjects made everything genuinely interesting rather than something I had to do, and he is so engaging that it actually made me excited for our next session! He made me so much more confident in my own ability and I could not have done how I did in my final assessments without him. Would highly highly recommend.

 by Chloe Bocking on The Bildung Tutors
Excellent tutor

Ethar is an excellent tutor with great energy and enthusiasm and we could not be happier with how he has helped our son Frankie.
During lockdown Frankie was struggling with studying for his GCSE's at home. He was unmotivated, frustrated and making very little progress, particularly with English. Ethar was recommended by a friend and within the past few months has managed to turn this all around. He took the time to get to know Frankie, exploring what he most responds to and how to get the best out of him. Frankie has grown in confidence and he is now producing work that he didn't think himself capable of just a few weeks ago. We would highly recommend Ethar.

 by Simon on The Bildung Tutors

Ethar was recommended to us by a friend to help my autistic nephew on a 1-2-1 basis. While not the usual aged of his students, Ethar agreed to help. He has done an incredible job in accelerating learning, making lessons fun and fit the topics my nephew enjoys, and has brought an introverted boy out of his shell more! Highly recommended, thanks Ethar.

 by Matt rowlands on The Bildung Tutors
General review

"I have at least 1 session a week and I honestly have learned more in those than I have in my English lessons. My GCSE’s are going really well thanks to Ethar who has supported me through them and continues to help me. These sessions are better than regular school lessons as it’s 1 to 1 and I get all the help I need."

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