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specialist mentoring

Our specialist mentoring program is designed to serve clients who need support beyond the boundaries of a curriculum. Sessions involve intensive work focused on analysing, identifying, addressing and finally removing the obstacles to achieving personal, academic, entrepreneurial or artistic goals. Drawing on every aspect of the Bildung method, the specialist program guides clients through an investigative introspection targeted at resolving behavioural, intellectual and conceptual issues.  

Specialist mentoring clients include:

i) Young people tackling behavioural or social difficulties 

ii) Academics demanding specialised and extended consultation

iii) Local authorities/social care agencies in need of specialist support 

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Successful Students

Who we are

The Bildung Tutors is a specialist mentoring and tutoring service with a difference. Based on academically grounded methods, we combine intellectually gifted and socially committed mentors with a methodology designed to unlock and encourage our clients’ capacity for independent, critical thinking. Bringing together academic rigour, social awareness and a foundation of expert philosophical research, Bildung Sessions mature the mind and ignite our clients’ creativity: 

“Bildung refers to the tradition of self-cultivation where philosophy and education are linked in a process of personal and cultural maturation. Described as a harmonisation of mind and heart, the process is achieved through a personal transformation which challenges accepted beliefs.”

Whether the goal is to pass exams, complete a research project or develop the key skills for success and independence, we guide you through a tailor-made Bildung Program and support you every step of the way to the win! 

Moreover, the Bildung Team are made up of people committed to improving our local communities and social conditions. We will always encourage, support and promote the positive actions of anyone in our community trying to make a difference to themselves or their neighbourhood. So whether you’re an Academic, Entrepreneur or Artist, we provide the platform to celebrate your skills or promote your project. As a TBT Creator, just making your way, trying to capture an audience or a TBT Associate with an established business and growing your brand, every contribution is proof that winning is better together. 

We believe that learning cannot be achieved by command. We believe that understanding is universal and precedes institutional schooling. Above all, we believe that education cannot be defined, much less pursued, from any one point of view and we work accordingly.

The aim is not to enforce intelligence but to remove the obstacles to its expression. 


Schedules can vary from week to week and dependent on whether the request is for in-person or online tutoring. Hit the ‘contact your tutor’ button, make an enquiry and we will get back to you within 48hrs.

Of course you can reschedule as and when necessary but you will be charged 50% of the fee if you cancel on the day of the lesson.

Students are advised to continue with their studies if possible but can always cancel a contract whenever they deem it necessary. Schedules and contracts are ultimately determined by the students, for the students.

We are equally committed to both our in-person and online students therefore our fees are the same in either case.

Lessons will always be held at the students’ convenience so they can be conducted in an appropriate, agreed upon location such as a library or café. Otherwise transport costs will be included in the tuition fee where travel is over three miles.

Students are advised to have a textbook/notepad dedicated to our lessons but all reading materials will be provided by the tutor either in hard-copy or online.

Timetables for completing work will be set by the tutor but in coordination with their student. Students are encouraged to talk to their tutor if work is late or incomplete so that they can either set a new deadline or address the work in the next lesson.

The duration of the contract and the intensity of the lessons is ultimately up to the student. We have guided many students through their exams and are committed to improving understanding and grades no matter the length of the contract.  

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The Bildung Tutors
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 12 reviews
by Leon Dobson on The Bildung Tutors

Ethar taught me philosophy in a way that was completely new and eye-opening. He always helped me engage with the material in a down to earth way and would easily explain things differently and in different contexts if I was struggling. He would also highlight the links between topics which I found very informative in developing a holistic understanding, something which is especially important in philosophy. Lastly, he is incredibly friendly to work with and I would highly recommend him as a tutor if you want to truly understand the subject.

by Benjamin Davis on The Bildung Tutors
Amazing Service

I went from getting a 2 to getting a 6 in english language. I would not have been able to do it without the great tutoring and support that I recieved from Ethar.

by Hannah Jago on The Bildung Tutors

Ethar has been tutoring my son for about a month now and from the very beginning we knew he was the perfect tutor for Callum. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and he has a fantastic way of getting Callum engaged with the subject. He has a great sense of humour which Callum responds well to and with a perfect balance of teacher/friend, I would highly recommend Ethar.

by Jenna Bahari on The Bildung Tutors

My parents hired Ethar in my final year of A-Levels to tutor me in Philosophy and Ethics. I was failing terribly in two of my three subjects and my self esteem was non-existent. My teachers couldn't provide the academic or the emotional support I clearly needed to see me through to my exams. While I was apprehensive of having yet another tutor Ethar was a pleasant surprise. Within the first few minutes of our meeting I knew he would be very different to any other academic support I had in the past. He challenged me on everything I thought I knew to do with my subject and most importantly allowed me to ask the questions which had always been brushed off in my lessons at college. He made the lessons stress free and interesting and I could have him repeat things constantly until I felt like I understood them. He worked incredibly hard to get me to the exams in one piece and acted like it was easy so as not to make me feel like I was hopeless. In short, Ethar is an excellent teacher and mentor, he supported me through all my trials and tribulations and I received better grades than I had hoped for. I know this wouldn't have been the case if I hadn't found him.

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