We want to inspire children to climb trees in the woods, to run in wild meadows, explore rock pools along the shore, scramble over the rocks, splash in muddy puddles, paddle in streams, pick wild fruits, light fires, make bows and arrows, to go outside, get muddy, make friends and fall in love with nature again! We want children to play free and be wild. 

  To do this, we want to help everyone to break down the barriers that stop children playing outside. We want to support parents, families and communities to work together so we can all be outside more and we can all have the confidence to let them play freely. We need to rewild our children; for them, for us and for the future sustainability of our planet. 

"The philosopher Martin Buber said that a child, "is educated by the elements, by air and light and the life of plants and animals, and he is educated by relationships. The true educator represents both; but he must be to the child as one of the elements". Luke Funnell is the closest to an 'elemental educator' that I have encountered and his work with children and young people is a testament to what can be done when we seek to support the growth of genuine relationships, both with ourselves, and with the wilder world".
Daniel Ford
Doctoral Researcher of Wild Education